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The Iceland Ocean Cluster’s mission is to create value and discover new opportunities by connecting entrepreneurs, businesses and knowledge in the marine industries.

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This section discusses the activities of companies and organizations that make products from plants and materials other than those derived from marine organisms and are found in the sea and the seabed beneath it.   Oil has been the greatest in some of Iceland's...

Can we double the value of fish catch in the world?

By Thor Sigfusson Is it possible to double the value of world fish catch creating nutrition, jobs and wealth to fishing nations worldwide? Yes, and we believe Iceland has a role to play in this. Icelanders pride themselves of the Icelandic Cod and how this small...

How technology is driving the growth in the marine sector in Iceland

Thor Sigfusson Iceland Ocean Cluster Keynote speech at the Ocean Smart Workshop in Ireland July 5-6 2011 Ladies and gentlemen According to a genetic research done by Icelandic and British researchers at Oxford University, 63% of women settlers in Iceland and 20% of...