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The Russian Seafood Modernization – a message from Russia

Fishery technology in Russia has long lagged behind that of other competing nations, especially in the North Atlantic. After years of technological divergence, however, the tide now seems to be turning in Russia. The country, which has the fourth longest coastline in the world, recently put an ambitious strategy in place to modernize its seafood sector, allocating massive resources to all areas of the industry, from infrastructure to fish processing. An investment quota mechanism was also established. This has created large opportunities for companies involved in fishery technology. Russia’s grand plan for its fishing industry signals to other seafood nations that the future of fishing lies in technology and that if a large nation can revitalize its fishing industry, then others can too.

You can read the full report here

The First 100% Fish Article Published by Arctica Finance and Iceland Ocean Cluster

As part of the partnership between Arctica Finance and Iceland Ocean Cluster articles that focus on fish related subjects will be published as part of the series titled “100% fish”. The primary aim of these articles is to draw more attention to the Icelandic fishing industry. Iceland Ocean Cluster and Arctica Finance believe that their partnership will create multiple exciting opportunities that will help drive further growth of the Icelandic fishing industry.

The first article, “The U.S. Seafood Industry and Utilization of By-Products”, is available here.

The U.S. is an important market for seafood, being the fifth largest producer and exporter of seafood in the world and the largest importer. Despite its global significance, there are still opportunities for enhancements within the U.S. fishing industry, especially with regard to fish utilization. At least 1.5 million metric tons of fish by-products are discarded in the U.S. per annum, resulting in a value loss of potential $655 million. By increasing the utilization of fish and fish by-products, significant value can be salvaged from the supply chain in the U.S. seafood industry.

For further information, please contact Thor Sigfusson PhD, Founder and COB Iceland Ocean Cluster on or Huni Johannesson, analyst at Arctica Finance on


The IOC introduced in a presidential visit in Seattle

The president of Iceland, Gudni Th. Johanneson will visit Marel’s facility in Seattle on May 4th, 2018.

The Icelandic president Johannesson will address the reception.

Thor Sigfusson, founder and chairman of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, will also be a guest speaker, he will talk about the progress Icelanders have made in fish utilization.

The IOC goal of 100% utilization has attracted attention worldwide and we are happy to get the honor of speaking in this event in Seattle.





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