The Iceland Ocean Cluster is a driver of new ideas and promotes dynamic networks and relationships among businesses and entrepreneurs in the marine industry. Through stronger networks and cooperation, new opportunities for business and innovation arise.


IOC Analysis: A New Wave of Marine Investments

Investments in new equipment and innovation in the ocean cluster are expected to reach an annual €100-170 million in the coming years. At the same time, the importance of entrepreneurship in the ocean cluster has met increased understanding. Untraditional marine-related industries have been growing and numerous new businesses have been established in marine biotechnology and... Read More

Iceland Ocean Cluster and Startup Iceland Team Up

The Iceland Ocean Cluster and Startup Iceland have signed an agreement strengthening their relationship and networks. The agreement gives the entrepreneurs in the Ocean Cluster House access to training from Startup Iceland and its founder Bala Kamallakharan. Kamallakharan has extensive experience coaching and guiding entrepreneurs in the startup community. The Ocean Cluster House accomodates close... Read More

1200 Tons Exhibition Covered in FOLD

During Design March Iceland Ocean Cluster hosted the art exhibition 1200 Tons curated by Milja Korpela, designer at the IOC. The exhibition was recently covered in the established online design magazine FOLD. The author, Ieva Laube, says on 1200 Tons: Responsibility for what we create The subject of ecological responsibility, sustainability and optimal utilisation of resources... Read More



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