The Iceland Ocean Cluster promotes dynamic networks and relationships among businesses and entrepreneurs in the marine industry. Through stronger networks and cooperation new opportunities for business and innovation arise.


NEOC receives support from two Maine universities

Two universities, UNE and USM recently signed an agreement expected to produce internship and research-and-development opportunities for students at the New England Ocean Cluster House (NEOCH). The NEOCH is modelled after the Ocean Cluster House in Reykjavik by the Old Harbor. For further information visit the website of Portland Press Herald and take a look at the... Read More

In Celebration of Cod Day: Interview with Thor Sigfusson

While in typical North Atlantic fisheries the head, gut and bones of cod are discarded, Icelandic fisheries increasingly utilise these resources and create value from them. Analysis done by the Iceland Ocean Cluster indicates that Icelanders utilise around 80% of each cod while many neighbouring countries make full use of only around 50%. The study indicates over... Read More

Cod Day in the North-Atlantic

On September 24 the Iceland Ocean Cluster and Ocean Cluster House will celebrate Cod Day for the first time. On Cod Day we open the Ocean Cluster House for the public and media and give the companies in our network an opportunity to introduce their work, technology and products related to the North-Atlantic cod.  On Cod Day... Read More

Codland Rebranded – New Website Launched

Codland, one of the associated companies of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, has relaunched its brand and website to reflect more clearly the company’s aims and values. Codland aims at utilizing underutilized raw material from traditional fish processing for valuable products, such as hydrolized collagen from fish skin, calcium from fish bones and omega-3 rich fish oils... Read More

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