The Iceland Ocean Cluster’s mission is to create value and discover new opportunities by connecting entrepreneurs, businesses and knowledge in the marine industries.

The OC House creates magic, again

The OC House in Iceland continues to make history. An amazing US start up with nanotechnology batteries, Greenvolt, got a space in the OC House for a staff member. The company was not focusing on battery solutions for marine, but we told them that next door to them was a team of young engineers at Navis naval architects working on electric fishing boats. Cup of coffee and Magic! Now, these trams will put their heads together – to develop green fishing boats and save our ocean environment.

Nordic port leaders visiting

Leaders from the port of Reykjavik, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen Malmo, Torshavn, Gothenburgh, Aarhus,Esbjeg and Helsingborg, visited the OC House in Reykjavik harbor recently. They were presented with our vision to have a network of innovation hubs like the OC House in all major Nordic ports.

Iceland Ocean Cluster is participating in a project with North-Atlantic Co-operation aiming to develop a Nordic and North Atlantic network of ports and port ecosystems and the meeting was very beneficial for our ongoing project.


Increased focus on product development from fish byproducts

According to a new research done by the Iceland Ocean Cluster, 48 companies in Iceland are focused mainly on developing products from fish byproducts. Without doubt this is most probably a world record – at least if compared to population! The largest group consists of companies in liver development; omega oils and canning of liver. The second largest group are companies drying fish heads using geothermal power. It is also astonishing to see the growth in fish skin development in Iceland; fish leather, accessories from fish leather, chitin from crustacean shells, collagen powder from whitefish for various food and skin products including collagen, and finally medical skin products to heal human wounds. Also, several companies are creating pet food or fish meal from byproducts. On this list are also companies developing enzymes from fish intestines, fish protein, calcium from fish bones and children’s medicine from omega oils just to name few. We are extremely proud that many of the startups in this field – and they are many – have found the OC House to be a good platform for their growth.

The New Fish Wave is just unstoppable!

The Iceland Ocean Cluster participates in the Startup Maine conference in Portland Maine.

On Thursday June 20th, Berta Danielsdottir, CEO of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, delivered a Keynote speech to a full room of entrepreneurs, academics, and industry leaders hungry to learn about the role that full utilization can play in growing Maine’s economy. Focusing on the Ocean Cluster model’s commitment to innovation through collaboration and community, Berta encouraged the audience to look to one another to often in the pursuit of new opportunities. Maine has a dramatically underutilized shellfish industry, as it processes millions of kilograms of lobsters, oysters, mussels, scallops, and clams, with a majority of the waste going to landfill. Our full utilization of the cod here in Iceland made for the perfect story to tell. 
Plans for the Iceland Ocean Cluster’s Participation in the 2019 Startup Maine conference began back in February when our sister cluster, the New England Ocean Cluster (NEOC) spoke with the event team Portland, Maine. Because of our growing relationship with the NEOC, and Maine’s deepening connection to Iceland and the High North, the event organizers thought it would be exciting to have a speaker from our region travel to Maine to engage with the business community. We are honored and thankful that Startup Maine chose to bring Berta into their programming and hope her being there encourages more interest in the Ocean Cluster platform. Our visit is also very nicely timed because the NEOC is planning to open their Hús on the Portland waterfront modeled after the one here in Reykjavik.
Startup Maine is a volunteer run organization that hosts an annual conference designed to bring regional entrepreneurs and startups together to learn, explore specific topics, and network with one another. This year’s even spanned 3 days and welcomed more than 300 guests to downtown Portland. More information on the event can be found here:
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