Challenges associated with optimization of the Crustacean harvest

Challenges associated with optimization of the crustacean harvest

Crustaceans have long been an important source of food and in the North Atlantic and species such as shrimps, lobsters and crabs have dominated the seafood industry on the north-east coast of the US. Within these industries, the full utilization of the biomass caught has been a major challenge. As an example of this, shells, derived from the process, have in many cases been discarded as waste and disposed of without utilization. However, it is well known that the shells comprise valuable materials and bioactive ingredients useful in fish farming, development of nutraceuticals and various medicinal products.

During the Boston Seafood Expo Show, Iceland Ocean Cluster will host a meeting to create a forum for networking and exchange of information on the challenges and possibilities of better utilization of the crustacean shell. Cohosts are New England Ocean Cluster, Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Ocean Excellence Ltd. and Gloucester.

The meeting will take place in Boston on March 7, at 14:00. [Location to be announced.]

If you or any of your partners want to attend the meeting, please contact Eyrun Huld (