Team of advisers at the Iceland Ocean Cluster

The Iceland Ocean Cluster has an extensive experience in providing various advice and services to companies and organizations. We have a network of specialists that can assist you in your seafood business or in establishing or enhancing your maritime/innovation hub. Some of the projects we have undertaken since the foundation of the cluster in 2011 are: Founder of Codland Ltd. – full utilisation company (2012) Adviser to Nordic Innovation regarding building a network of ocean clusters in the North Atlantic (2013) Founder of Collagen Ltd. (Marine Collagen ltd) which processes collagen protein from fish skin 2013. The company is now in full operation and is owned by four large fisheries in Iceland. Advising on innovation and clustering for governments/organisations in various states in the USA and Asia (2014-19). Co-founder and adviser regarding the establishment of the Ocean Academy in Iceland (2020). Advising on ways to fully utilise fish species in the US and Europe (2014-2020). Adviser to NORA and The Nordic Council of Ministers regarding establishing Blue Innovation ports in the Nordic region (2019).

Dr. Holmfridur Sveinsdottir

received her Ph.D. in food science from the University of Iceland. She worked for Matís (an Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D) as a specialist and project manager in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology where the main focus was on improved utilization of marine by-products. She late led the company Iceprotein, and co-founded and managed the Icelandic startup company PROTIS ltd, an Icelandic biotech company focusing on food supplements, based on fish protein hydrolysate.
Dr.Holmfridur Sveinsdottir is part the 100% team.

Mr. Einar Thor Larusson

has an extensive experience in canning and roes and development of fish and meat products. Einar has assisted companies and institution in over twenty countries in developing fish products. Einar received an honorary award from the Iceland Ocean Cluster in 2014.
Einar is part of the 100% team.

Mr. Vilhjalmur Jens Arnason MBA

has been involved with the cluster work since the early days of the Iceland Ocean Cluster. Vilhjalmur was previously the deputy director of the Iceland Vessel Owners Association. He has an extensive knowledge about fisheries management and clustering.
Vilhjalmur is part of the Cluster/Innovation harbor specialist team.

Mr. Erlingur Guðleifsson

is a mechanical engineer. He has 15 years expirience with process plant designing, R&D of process equipment, layout development, manufacturing and consulting, mostly within the seafood industry. Working with subcontractors and suppliers on various of process plant projects. On site factory problem solving. Intensive work with fishing vessels designers and ship yards both in Europe, N-America and Latin America.
Erlingur is part of our technical advisor team.

Mr. Thorkell V. Thorsteinsson MSc

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, has a background in computer science and startups. Thorkell’s research interests include industrial clusters and he recently introduced a new systematic approach to analyzing clusters.
Thorkell is part of the Cluster/Innovation harbor specialists team.

Mr. Patrick Arnold

is the co-founder of the New England Ocean Cluster. He founded the HÚS, an ocean cluster house in Portland Maine. Patrick has advides on various issues regarding cluster formation and cluster work.
Patrick is part of the Cluster/Innovation harbor specialists team.

Mr. Ari Wendel

works privately and also in co-operation with Arctica Finance( in larger projects. He has been involved in international fisheries and seafood financing for two decades, both in relation to bank financing (Agriculture Bank of Iceland and Landsbanki) and in equity funding and M&A work with Arctica Finance. Among the projects have been some of the largest Icelandic M&A deals and start-up financing projects. Ari holds a BS degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from University of Iceland and MS in Food Engineering from Oregon State University.
Ari is part of our Financial advisors.

Prof. Sigurjon Arason


is Professor at the University of Iceland and Chief Engineer of Matís ltd. – Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D.
He is recognised as one of the thought leaders in the global seafood processing industry.
Sigurjón has been involved in fish industries worldwide in various studies on fish processing with focus on physical properties and chemical changes that take place throughout the whole processing chain. He has worked with almost every process and sectors in the fishing industry, both ashore and on board, as well as on the optimization of logistics, packaging technology and storage of products that optimize the storage life and quality of finished products. He is one of the utmost experts to improve the utilization of secondary raw materials obtained in seafood processing and has forty years of experience in this field.
Sigurjon is part of our 100% team.

Ms. Halla Jonsdottir

is a senior scientist and project manager with history of guiding environmental studies and innovating new products. Possesses extensive experience on fundraising through national and international funds. Leverage excellent communication skills to forge partnerships with industry and environmental leaders. Successfully drive initiatives through all project phases, ensuring objectives are achieved.
Halla is part of our 100% team.

100% team

Our team of experts in creating more value from your fish discards can boost your companies growth.

The Cluster/innovation harbor specialist

Our team has a lot to offer regarding establishing a cluster or enhancing collaboration in ocean related services.

Financial advisors

Our financial advisers have an extensive experience in financing fisheries, restructuring, M&As etc.

Technical advisors

Our member companies have an extensive knowledge and experience in processing and cooling technology.

Naval architecture

We have engineers in our network with extensive experience in naval architecture and more recently electric fishing boats.